Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is World’s First National Park and one of the most visited in United States. It has craggy peaks, explosive geysers, alpine lakes, deep forests, and a wealth of wild animals. The stars are bison, bears, sheep, moose, and wolves. If this excites you, read ahead to plan your bare minimum 3 days weekend trip.

We visited Yellowstone during September 2017 in a group of 5, and it was one of my finest trip. We flew to Salt Lake City, drove to Yellowstone and checked into a nice convenient lodge (Brandin’ Iron Inn) right outside the west entrance of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is huge and is best covered in 2 days. It’s in the shape of a giant 8 (two loops), easily accessible via Grand Loop road. As per time constraint, you can drive through the loop in a single day or cover one loop a day, sit back and enjoy this nature’s wonder. We went for the later and hence the decision to stay midway at west gate entrance.

Bonus: I was able to get our itinerary pics (don’t have the map link). You can look-up most of these spots.

Day 1 – The Upper Loop


Personal favorites: Grand Canyon Of YellowStone,  Lamar valley


Day 2 – The Lower Loop


Personal favorites: Grand Prismatic Spring, Old Faithful


Day 3 – Yellowstone to SLC via Grand Tetons NP/ Jackson

Enjoy the scenic ride! If possible, I would recommend not rushing and having a full day for this. Jackson is a very beautiful town in Wyoming and your soul will not want to leave that heaven!


Have fun and get some pics on this sick street 🙂


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